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Fashion Design In Isolation

There is something very positive about living and working in isolation of the rest of the world, you have to learn to rely on your own resources, innovate and collaborate with other like minded individuals, both local and international, think local act global. And with the aid of modern electronic …

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Japanese fashion design style

British department store has recently made an interesting investigation, generally men, only 17 years to life in person to buy underwear, the rest do it by the mother or partner. 19 years ago my mother bought for boys; 19 to 23 years of age due to the pursuit of the …

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Design Styles – Urban Bohemian Style

What exactly is Urban Bohemian style? I like to think that it is like many urban women out there: beautifully traditional, and yet thoroughly modern, influenced by world travels, unconventional, and yet, comfortingly familiar. And Urban Bohemian style is becoming an increasingly popular design. In the 19th century, Bohemians were …

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New Trends in Student Desk Design

Contemporary desks are changing to fit with the needs of classrooms. Taking a tour of classrooms today would reveal desks that are a stark break from the square surfaces in a desk. Today’s student desk is more likely to be rectangular in shape in keeping with the need for more …

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Trends In Logo Design

The very nature of trends is that they are all the craze for some time and then typically wither away once a new trend emerges. The same goes with logo designs. Once a trend dies out, the logo and brand canf ade along with it. There are few exceptions to …

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Public School Design: The Latest Trends

Public school design has come a long way from the classrooms one might remember from the past. Those in Minneapolis construction are recognizing that it is no longer one building, with the gym, cafeteria, and classrooms all connected by long halls. Construction company workers are working with educators to create …

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