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Handbag Styles Explained

A woman can never have too many designer handbags from clutch bags and grab bags to shoulder bags and tote bags; there are so many different styles that it can be difficult to choose the right one to suit your outfit and individual taste. So heres a break down of the most common types of handbags.

Clutch bags
The perfect evening bag choice, clutch bags are typically small and designed to be used for special occasions or nights out. The name is derived from the fact that you generally hold them in your hand but many also have delicate straps to make them more practical. Youll find lots of styles of clutch bags with most having sparkly or glittery finishes to add that finishing touch to your outfit. Theres just enough room in a clutch bag for your purse, lip-gloss and those other girls night out essentials.

Grab bags
A convenient style of bag for everyday use, a grab bag is the perfect size to use during the day or for a night out if you need a little extra space yet you still want to look delicate and feminine. A grab bag will typically have a short shoulder strap that keeps the bag well placed under the shoulder or held in the hand and isnt too big or too small.

Cross body bags
Cross body bags have become quite a hit recently with lots of really pretty designs around. Its a versatile type of bag that comes in lots of different styles but one of the main reasons why its become so in demand is the fact that its much safer with its cross body design than other bags. Youll find cross body bags for dressy occasions with delicate straps make perfect alternatives to clutch bags, while sportier ones are ideal for everyday use.

Shoulder bags
Shoulder bags are perhaps the most popular and traditional style of bag that can be used for so many occasions. Generally of a medium size with a shoulder strap of varying lengths, shoulder bags sit comfortably on the shoulder and tend to fall above the waistline. Shoulder bags are ever so versatile and youll find lots of different styles to suit your wishes.

Tote bags
A large and glamorous style of bag that has been influenced by the WAG trend, tote bags are designed to be oversized and stylish with an emphasis on being designer. Youll find stylish leather tote bags or those with snakeskin finishes, as well as more glamorous ones with sparkle and diamantes. A tote bag is the perfect choice for everyday use if youre one of those women who like to be prepared with lots of bits and bobs in their handbags.

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